Ultra Short Films at Derby QUAD

  Film Challenge Challenge to William Allitt students: Create 10 films in 2.5 hours! Destinations Arts spent a morning and afternoon helping Y10 students from William Allitt School to make film trailers at Derby QUAD. Students used iPad cameras to explore the different techniques for capturing footage. Using iMovie software to sequence their shots students created …


Othello Unbound: Digital Shakespeare with Destinations Arts

During our session with students from King Edwards VII School in Sheffield, they  created an impromptu performance inspired by one of Shakespeare’s’ sonnets! The workshop was based at the Owen building at Sheffield Hallam University’s City Campus at Sheffield. The students initially explored the differences between school and University life. The session then focussed on …


Paper Instruments with Makey Makey

Our fun with technology never stops! Reader Project students have just finished creating unique musical instruments using the creative controller interface – MakeyMakey. Each instrument had both software and hardware elements. Students used MIT’s SCRATCH programming environment to create a program script that allowed their physical instruments to trigger sounds in the computers. Using paper, …


Forensic Anthropology with King Edward VII Pupils

Over two days Destinations Arts helped students from King Edward VII School, Sheffield make short films. Working in small teams, participants explored a fictional crime scene and clues found in a and around the scene, they used this information to develop a hypothesis as to how the crime, a local murder, took place. Then with …


Synthetic Biology

For this years February half term challenge 20 young people creatively explored the idea of synthetic biology and produced a multimedia performance! Held at Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, the project encouraged the group to look inside cells and see how the next century could be determined on the nano scale! Supported by Destinations Arts …


iPads Vs CSI

Project exploring forensic science techniques working young people with Special Educational Needs at Sheffield Hallam University. Participants used iPads to shoot and edit crime scene investigation trailer movies.

Summer School 2013

This year we worked with participants to explore the environmental impact of human activity. Participants worked with Angga Kara, Raquel Cherry-Bent and Jennifer Booth and were supported by Neon Tech. These sessions build on earlier half-term challenges and work to deepen participants understanding of advanced scientific concepts. Working alongside Maxine Greaves, the Equality and Diversity …