Forensic Anthropology with King Edward VII Pupils

Over two days Destinations Arts helped students from King Edward VII School, Sheffield make short films.

Working in small teams, participants explored a fictional crime scene and clues found in a and around the scene, they used this information to develop a hypothesis as to how the crime, a local murder, took place.

Then with our help, participants turned the information they had collected  into a News paper article and using iPads, they shot a news report sequence in and around the University campus in Sheffield city centre.

“I loved the filmmaking”

“ I liked it all – everyone was awesome!

These media production workshops were built on the participants previous work exploring the many roles in the theatre of crime scene investigation. Ably supported by Artist Jennifer Booth and writer Desiree Reynolds for the Skills Base program   aimed at developing King Edward VII school student’s key skills.

The Forensic Anthropology workshops are part of the Equality and Community Engagement Initiatives strategy implemented by Maxine Greaves at Sheffield Hallam University. The initiative is about the promotion of equality and diversity within the development of a pedagogy for learning. This approach is informed by current research, policy and practice.