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Destinations Arts Carl Van Vechten. Paul Robeson as Othello. Photograph, 1944. Estate of Carl Van Vechten and the Carl Van Vechten Trust. Folger Shakespeare Library. Destinations Arts - The image shows the Togolese J.C Nayo Bruce with members of his family as well as with Amanoua Kpapo (the Négresse Blanche) around 1902. Bruce first came to German to perform as part of the German Colonial Exhibition of 1896, staged in Berlin. The exhibition was a human zoo where non-Europeans were put on display in recreated African villages to  visitors. An astute business man, Bruce decided to stay in Germany and he set up his own travelling show featuring members of his family and other Togolese including Kpapo. Up to 1914, Bruce’s troupe toured much of Western and Eastern Europe. Destinations Arts Reader Project have used the Makey Makey interface to create their own musical instruments. They coded the software to run their instruments using Scratch.
Action research engaging  audiences in Shakespeare. Delivered in partnership with Professor Matthew Steggle at Sheffield Hallam University. An exhibition of the Black African presence in Germany. Designed in collaboration with Dr Robbie Aitken at Sheffield Hallam University. Supporting Key Stage 2 to 4 students with curriculum linked creative learning using STEM based activities.

Destinations Arts engages diverse communities in creative learning activity that strive to inspire participants to celebrate creativity and to aim higher. Back To Blog

Othello Unbound #othellounbound is an action research project designed to engage the general public in academic research in creative and innovative ways. 2015 will see a mixture of engaging illustrated talks and activities designed at disseminating academic research. The project has already connected with several community groups and engaged professionals across South Yorkshire and beyond. View our blog posts for more information.

The Black Germany Exhibition #blackgermanyexhibition is based on the 11 years of research by Dr Robbie Aitken at Sheffield Hallam University, and his research partner Professor Eve Rosenhauft at Liverpool University. In 2015 the focus of this project is to extend the exhibition display panels and produce the audio-visual and interactive components of the exhibition. additionally, there are plans to tour the exhibition nationally as well as internationally.

The Reader Project is a University based after school club that supports the creative learning of BME young people at key educational stages. From programming to poetry, Reader Project students are engaged in a raft of activities that stretch, challenge and supplement their school based learning. The project curriculum includes academic disciplines across the sciences and the Humanities. Importantly, the initiative offers an opportunity for participants to co-construct their learning in partnership with project and academic staff. #readerproject

These projects at Sheffield Hallam involving the general public, are championed by Maxine Greaves MBE,  the Equality and Community Engagement Manager from the Faculty of Development and Society, as part of the University’s widening participation in higher education initiative.