Othello in a Minute

With the help of Destinations Arts Artists, The Reader Project will be producing a series of short films inspired by Shakespeare’s Othello.

The group will write direct and films a series of one minute web movies exploring the themes and characters of the play.

“Its important to communicate the relevance of Shakespeare to todays generation. Othello is about insecurity, jealousy, rage and all those emotions that we all find hard to control.

We also want to push the idea that audiences in Shakespeare’s  time were as diverse as audiences who sit down and watch his plays today. Were making direct links between England in the 1600s and England now.

Its a year long project, watch this space for more information!

The Reader Project is an after-school club based at Sheffield Hallam University.

Othello Unbound is an Arts Council funded project that creatively explores and interprets aspects of Othello. It is supported by Sheffield Hallam University.