Re_Vision Project

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About Re_Vision

The Re_vision Arts project explored the personal stories of Black African migrants to Germany before WW2. Students from Sheffield College in the UK, shared their own stories of migration using photography and other artforms, making creative connections across time and space. Project delivered by Destinations Arts. Special thanks to Professor Robbie Aitken at Sheffield Hallam Univeristy. Funded by Arts Council England. August 2022.

The Background

The Proejct was inspired by research by Robbie AitkenProfessor of Imperial History at Sheffield Hallam University about the historic presence of Black Africans in Germany from the 1800s to the 1950s. Over a period of 15 years Professor Aitken research has produced an archive of material about people who migrated from African countries to Berlin and other cities during a pivitol historical period. The archive is a treasure trove of untold stories, revealing some fscainating personal hisories that shine a light on Germanys colonial legacies.

The Physical Exhibition

In 2014 Destinations Arts ws commissioend by Professor Robbie Aitken to produce a touring exhibition based on his 11 years if research about the historic Black presence of BlackAfricans in Germany from the 1800s to 1945 after exhibition added extra textual elements but it was always to add

Black Germany Exhibition
The Black Germany Exhibition at the Liverpool Maritime Museum during Holocaust Memorial Day 2015
Robbie Aitken. Professor of Imperial History at Sheffield Hallam University
Robbie AitkenProfessor of Imperial History at Sheffield Hallam University
Mark Hutchinson, History Teacher, Silverdale school

The Virtual Exhibition