Reader Project – One Minute Othello


The Hankerchief.

Members of the Reader project explore thru role play.

After learning the text to a few of the dialogue interchanges between Othello and Desdemona commit the text to memory they explored the emotions going thru the characters heads as Desdemona is accused of adultery and Othello is enraged by jealousy. The group aim to turn their roleplay into a one minute movie!

Participants said;

“I really like acting out the emotions”

I really like shouting and showing an angry face.

“I don’t think its fair that Desdemona is blamed it make me think that Othello might have a few mental problems.”

“It was hard remembering all the lines, but when you get into saying them and tryign to feel the emotions it gets easier to know what to say”

This activity was part of the Othello Unbound project, which creatively explores Shakespeare’s Othello.  The Othello Unbound project is supported by Sheffield Hallam University and funded by Arts Council England using public money and is delivered by Destinations Arts, a creative initiative that uses digital arts to engage and hard to reach communities in creative activities.