Sheffield Foyer Residents Celebrate!


Sheffield Foyer residents celebrate at Sheffield Hallam University Void Film Theatre.
Young people from Sheffield Foyer celebrate at Sheffield Hallam University Void Film Theatre.

Young people and guests attended a night of screenings and celebrations hosted by Sheffield Foyer at The VOID Film Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University.¬† The night started with a reception, followed by screenings of the young peoples work. The screening featured a specially commissioned spoof documentary, and colourful dynamic presentations created by residents about their personal journeys. The highlight of the night was the premiere screening of ‘Rumour Has It’, a super hero spoof story inspired by Shakespeare and the Healthy Conversations project themes. The story featured residents and staff taking on the roles of super heroes and super villains as they battled for the hearts and minds of Foyer residents with relationship troubles. In the story an idea from Othello makes an appearance in the form of the ‘Green Eyed Monster’, aided by the super villains, destroys relationships and creates bad vibes. The super heroes fight back and encourage those with relationship troubles to work thru them and not believe every rumour being spread.

The event was attended by friends, family and specially invited guests. Each resident involved in the project was presented with a framed print version of their presentation. The event was ably compared by Foyer youth workers Andy Outten and Lisa White who gave an overview of the project and injected enthusiasm and passion into the evenings proceedings .

“In all my 18 years as a trustee for Sheffield Foyer, I have never seen the young people so engaged, so enthused by a project. Well done – this is fantastic work!”

“This has been a really great thing for us to do – I loved It”

“I was really impressed with the screening and the films – well done to everyone!”

“I really want to do this again”

I’m going to write more, this project has really helped me to write and I want to write more stories”

“I’ve got two detective hats now!”

While the event unfortunately brings to an end the collaborations between the Othello Unbound project and residents and staff at Sheffield Foyer, the project has created opportunities for music artist Javan Wright  to continue deliver song writing workshops to Foyer residents and the possibility of Destinations Arts collaborating with Sheffield Foyer again in the near future.

Special thanks to Maxine Greaves MBE, Equality and Community Engagement Business Support Manager for supporting the Othello Unbound project!