Ultra Short Films at Derby QUAD

Helping William Allitt School Students make a film!
Helping William Allitt School Students make a film!


Film Challenge

Challenge to William Allitt students: Create 10 films in 2.5 hours!

Destinations Arts spent a morning and afternoon helping Y10 students from William Allitt School to make film trailers at Derby QUAD. Students used iPad cameras to explore the different techniques for capturing footage. Using iMovie software to sequence their shots students created genre specific trailers.

Focussing on Film Technique

The session focussed on the creative and technical process, rather than the finished product. Students first explored film shot sizes and camera movements in the classroom. Destinations Arts helped them to think about the purpose of shot size and camera movement, and also introduced them to the basics of film language. Then students went outside to stage and film their movie trailers. However, students managed to create several one minute trailers then screen the films to rapturous applause at end of the session.


“I really loved the workshop I’d really like to do more movie making”

“This has been a fantastic session – we got to dress up!”

The workshop was part of Derby QUADs’ School in Residence initiative and was delivered by Destinations Arts for Derby QUAD.

Destinations Arts runs the KidsQUAD Saturday morning filmmaking session at Derby QUAD. For more information contact Derby QUAD here.